No email address returned for some users

We have a Confluence Cloud addon with the ACCESS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES scope. This week a new trial user opened an account. The strange thing is, we don’t get an email address back for a just a few account Id’s when we use the email API call:

Is it possible that Confluence Cloud account Id’s exist without an email address?

Tagging @akassab (as you might know the answer?)

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Hi @marc - No thats strange. The only thing I can think of is that for the users that are missing email addresses they may have deleted their Atlassian Account. I believe we keep the accountID as a reference in order to display Former User where they may have been tagged or commented, etc.

Can you confirm if you’re only missing emails for some users and not others?

Thank you for you help @akassab .
Our logs indicate that for some users we get the email address, and others not. Usually we get the email for 2 or 3 users at a time, and with one of our customers we got only 1 or 2 of the 2 or 3 emails.

Here are the redacted user details we get of a user with no email:


i.e. email is just empty (also with the GET /wiki/rest/api/user/email call).
We have seen this in just one customer instance.
We’ve collected the accountId’s of the affected users, and with multiple calls these specific accountId’s wont return an email address.