No license for all installations

I have weird issue with new connect add-on (jira-timesheet-plugin) with licensing enabled in atlassian-connect.json, all installations have no license, i.e. there is always lic=none in requests from JIRA. E.g.

Aug 04 11:47:50 timesheet-plugin heroku/router:  at=info method=POST

Customers do not see licensing info in UPM either, see screenshot:

In my staging instance, installed within private token, it also looks different, it does not have option to select license status as it is possible for my other add-ons, see screenshot:

Could someone please help to diagnose the problem?

Note, it’s CRITICAL as I need to limit resources usage, to licensed installations.

Hey Andriy.

This is definitely a critical issue. I have raised ADDON-258 to start the investigation. Unfortunately the UPM is in San Francisco and wont be online until 9am PDT

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Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Andriy, we are looking into this now.

Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot!

We’ve determined the root cause of this problem and a fix is under way. Andriy, your add-on is the only one impacted. You can read the details in this public ticket:

Hi Dave,

Yes, it does not happen for my other add-ons either, sorry not to highlight it enough in my initial report. Well, I guess, it’s kind of ghost bug, caused by some hack for bundled timesheet P2 plugin. Good example of bad practice of building something next on old basement :slight_smile:

I’m trying to trial test this plugin, but I keep getting “License is not Active.”
I guess the reported issue is not fixed yet or I have different problem?

Yes, it’s not fixed yet, sorry.

I also am trying to trial test this plugin and having the same issue. Not a good way to get customers to purchase your product. It reflects badly on the developer when it appears this is not his issue.

Any Update on when this will be working again? I only had it working for one day before I got the No Licence issue.

All, please use Time Reports and Gadgets for JIRA Cloud instead until it is fixed.

When can we expect the plugin to be available for testing again?

It’s available for testing now, I’ve removed dependency on licensing.