No nested tables in fabric editor <--> no nested rich-text body macros?

We have noticed that the fabric page editor does not allow us to put our rich-text body macros (“bodyType”:“rich-text” ) in a cell of a Table macro.

Same thing for Atlassian’s Excerpt, Layout, Table macros. They cannot be put into the cell of a Table. When you try, the macro is moved outside of the table, below the last row.

Is this editor behavior the result of the announced “Deprecation of Nested Bodied Macros”: ?

Also, is “Nesting tables are unsupported” ( ) also part of deprecation of nested bodied macros?

I’m trying to figure out exactly why our macro is getting kicked out of table cells in the fabric editor… so I can explain it to a customer who heavily uses tables.



Hi @TureHoefner,

Yes a Table Macro is Bodied Macro and thus you’re not able to nest another bodied macro into a table cell.

I’ve made the editor team aware of this thread so they can see the feedback from this strategic change.


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