No response from bitbucket from forge app ? Help please


I understand there is no implementation of requestBitbucket in forge api, so I was trying to get through fetch.

here is the code

    let opts = Object.assign({
            method: 'GET',
            headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
            'Authorization': 'Bearer MY_KEY_FROM_BITBUCKET',

    const response = await api.fetch('', opts);

    const responseBody = await response.json();

    logJson(responseBody, 'data');
    return responseBody;

not sure what I am doing wrong ? or is it even possible from a forge app any other way? there is no error so can’t make out how to catch this error… the api endpoint works with postman… currently I have made this public repo, but even when its private I can’t seem to get any data with bearer.

the response is always : undefined

please help, in case you have suggestions,

Hi @AbhishekBiswas ,

Forge does not currently support Atlassian OAuth. Here is a thread discussing a similar issue: Forge External Oauth2 doesn't support Atlassian Oauth? - #10 by ibuchanan . You may be able to get around this with API tokens.

For other external requests you will need to update your manifest to include relevant permissions:

Is there an example of how to do this with Auth Tokens?
I’m trying to store/retrieve data from a from in bitbucket, but I can’t seem to workout exactly what I need to do?