Not able to call REST API


we are in the process of building a plugin for Jira, and we are getting this error when trying to call REST API.

Can someone help? thank you.

Something went wrong
Trace ID: 3200cfc312da4dde9f8471afb3dd48da
There was an error invoking the function - Can't invoke a function "run". Maybe it's not exported?

Error: Can't invoke a function "run". Maybe it's not exported?
    at Reference.value (bootstrap.js:1:10007)
    at (<isolated-vm boundary>)
    at d (/opt/index.js:1:88752)
    at /opt/index.js:1:88942

We are trying to hit this api: /rest/api/3/issue/picker

I am also attaching the screenshot.

Thank you,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @NikolaVojtek!

Based on the error, it seems like the problem is not with the REST API endpoint but more on how it was called.

In order to help you better, we need to get some more context:

  1. Are you using the Connect or the Forge platform?
  2. Can you share the code snippet and/or the function you are using to call the REST API?


Hi Ian,

we are using forge, and we managed to solve this issue. It was the caching issue.

Best regards,

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