Not able to create issue via Rest API

I’m trying to create a Jira issue in some project key.
I got all required fields and their possible values from API: createmeta

But, when I post. It fails with error: customfield_18513: Operating System is required
Whereas, this field is marked as required:false from createmeta API.

What can be the issue here?

You probably have a Field is required Validator on the Create transition.

Is there any way to know this, via rest api?

You need to check the workflow of the issue you’re trying to create - in the workflow editor. There is no REST API to access the workflows from an app.

Whats the use of createmeta API then. its useless.

There must be a way to get this information via API. Else, its a design flaw.

The createmeta API returns the list of field that are present in the crate screen, but it has no way of knowing what Validators will enforce - Validators are arbitrary code, they could be checking combinations of fields, information about the current user, etc.


Do you receive the same error when you try to create the issue through the built in create issue dialog? Is the Operating System field marked as required there?