Not able to deploy forge plugin in jira cloud

I am trying to deploy a forge plugin using forge install in our Jira cloud instance. I am using an account which is having site admin privileges.

i am getting this error: Error: Authorization failed: Principal has insufficient permissions (requestId: 642606d1ef054e908089cbf7fae44da8)

Apart from org admin what level of access is required to deploy/install the plugin in jira cloud ?


Hello @rishabhkkumar ,
I believe that the issue could be one of the following :

  • If you forked a sample app maybe you didn’t run forge register .

  • You are trying to collaborate with someone on an app he created, but you haven’t been added yet to the app from the dev console ( See Forge Contributors )

  • If none of that work try to generate a new api token and run forge login


Thanks for your response, it was an access issue, my cloud instance was configured to have org admin, product admin to deploy the plugin.

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