Not all webhooks come to server


we did contact support, but they forwarded us to this forum.

We have a specific issue for some of our users - our server does not recieve all webhooks but only few of them for that users.

Who we can talk to discuss and investigate it?

Thank you

Can you confirm that you have all of the IPs listed in our documentation allowed in any firewall settings:

Can you provide more context on what you are seeing and what you expect to be seeing? Are you receiving all of the expected webhooks for some users? Or are you receiving only some webhooks for some for all users?

Hello bcook,

Thank you for your response. We have figured out what was the issue (or it seems so at least).

As the Trello API documentation reads – revoking access to a 3rd party application should delete all webhooks and this is seems where the issue is.

We have re-implemented our logic in so way that we do delete every webhook one by one ourselves and re-add new ones and this seems like solved our issue

Thank you