Not null validation checks on create issue screen with Forge Custom field

Hi Community!

I’ve noticed that not null checks in custom field module in forge on the Create Issue screens does not work anymore.

    - key: issue-progress-custom-field
      name: Issue progress
      description: 'Example'
      type: number
        expression: value != null
        errorMessage: The value must be not empty

Has anyone faced this problem?

A month has been passed but I’m still faced with this issue…
Validation checks worked until Atlassian decided to switch to the new UI in the Create Issue modal.

Is this will be fixed in the future, or I should use field configuration scheme for making my field mandatory on the screen?

Hello, @belokurbohdan,

Thanks for the report. I confirmed that validation is indeed not triggered when the field is not set on the issue create screen. If you only care about making the field mandatory, then using standard field configuration sounds like the way to go. But I imagine there could be some more advanced use cases where triggering custom validation for empty values would be useful, so we will look into fixing it.

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Seems it has been fixed