Notify truncating text

Hi, I’m currently using the /notify REST endpoint. I have been sending various sized notifications and I have noticed that over a certain size my content is truncated. If I delete some on the inline CSS more of my message appears. I have outputted the html before the POST and it is all correct… I can’t see anything in the REST documentation to say there is a limit.

Have I stuffed something up or is this a bug/feature


Hi @paul

Just to be clear, are you talking about this REST endpoint: ?

@pvandevoorde, Yes I am

Thanks for the clarification @paul.

@istankiewicz do you know why the content is being truncated?
Is there a limit? And is this documented?

Hi @istankiewicz, are you able to help with this?


@pvandevoorde, is there anyone who can help with this


I’ll see what I can do.

Hi @paul, apologies it took us so long to look into your problem.

I can confirm there are following limits for notifications:

  • message size 10 000
  • subject 1 000

The limits are related to all document characters, that is why you see more of the message if you remove some inline CSS.

Agreed that the documentation is lacking that information, and hopefully we’ll address this gap soon.

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Hi @istankiewicz, thanks for that. Is there any plans to increase that limit, it does restrict what you can do when using HTML and inline CSS?


I don’t think we will increase the limit for existing notifications on its own. As part of broader initiative we’re in the process of reviewing the way how notifications work across Atlassian Cloud, and it is likely that different specifications will apply for notification contents in the future. But we don’t have any details or timelines at this moment.