OAuth 2.0 (3LO) with baseUrl


I’ve implemented the OAuth 2.0 (3LO) which works fine, but now I’m trying to authenticate to an Jira instance which is https://jira.companyname.com/ but that is using OKTA so I cannot login to the default page Log in with Atlassian account that I’m sending the user to authenticate as the account is not an atlassian account so I cannot login.

Is there a way to use baseUrl with OAuth 2.0 or will it the OAuth 2.0 only work with an atlassian account?


Hi @Ninja123

It sounds like you’re trying to connect to the REST APIs of a Jira SERVER or DATA CENTER instance, not Jira CLOUD. Is that correct?

If so, then:

  1. Naturally you can’t login to it with an Atlassian account, as it’s a private, on-premise Jira instance.
  2. The REST APIs of those two on-premise products don’t support OAuth 2.0, as per JRASERVER-43893 and their REST API documentation
  3. OKTA can be configured in many different ways to handle OAUTH 1.0, so you will need to liaise with the administrators of the Jira instance to find out how it’s been configured
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Thank @sunnyape

Yeah I think that is true that I’m trying to access a Jira Server