OAuth 2.0 app and distribution on marketplace

Our company uses Atlassian Jira for ticket management and Twilio Flex as a communication channel. We use Jira API to integrate Atlassian Jira into Twilio Flex as a plugin. For these purposes, we created the OAuth 2.0 app. At the moment, the OAuth 2.0 application is private, and only I can use it.

Is distributing an application on the Atlassian Marketplace the only way for sharing an application with other our company members to use the Jira API? Should we push this app to the Atlassian Marketplace and write a Privacy policy if the app is to be used only within our company?

Hi @Alexey.Sapon,

You do not need to list the app in this case. One option to privately share the app is to turn on development mode in the instance you would like to install your app on and use the private install URL that is available.

The option to enable development mode is under Manage Apps > Settings. After that is enabled, clicking to upload the app will allow you to use the descriptor URL of apps that are not from the marketplace.

Rodrigo Heinzen

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Hi @heinzen,
Thank you for your response.
It looks like I have not covered the app in enough detail. I’m not trying to upload anything to Atlassian.
The application I mentioned in my post above is ‘OAuth 2.0 integration’ app and created under ‘https://developer.atlassian.com/console/myapps’ (see screenshot).