OAuth For Individual Users on 3rd Party Application

I’m developing an application that uses data from my Jira instance and I would like users from this Jira instance to have the ability to interact with certain API endpoints as their selves. I’m able to pull data to my application using my Jira credentials just fine, but if I want to give someone the ability to create an issue through my application I want to show that they created it - not me. Ideally I would like the user to authenticate themselves on my website using OAuth so that they can put their credentials directly into Jira. The only other solution I can think of is to have them enter their credentials though my application and use basic auth for requests in which Jira needs to recognize the individual - something I want to avoid.

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The only way to do this is the Oauth 2 flow provided by the Cloud API. You use a 3rd party login flow so you never have to deal with the users credentials. It is very well documented in the api docs.

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You have only OAuth2.0 authentication only for the authentication. I did it by using Web View for the authentication. Do anyone used something better idea than webview?