OAuth request in iOS never gets callback


In our app we use OAuth for login to be able to exchange it for a token afterwards.

Everything is working fine as long as the official Jira App is not installed. If the official Jira App is installed, after pressing login on the Jira Login website in our app, which uses ASWebAuthenticationSession, the Jira App is opened (we guess iOS does this) and the Jira App opens Safari, in which the user has to log-in again. Then after choosing the space to use and pressing “accept”, the Jira Website opens our app, but the ASWebAuthenticationSession never gets any callback and the app is stuck on the login website.

Is there any special scope or something we have to set so that the login flow just continues normally all within the ASWebAuthenticationSession in our app as it does when the Jira App is not installed?

Hi @MathiasPoimer. Welcome to the developer community!

So, I have no idea; however, I’ve reached out to the iOS team internally for their advice and will let you know as soon as I hear something. :smile: