OAuth2.0 Auth to Agile REST API — when will it be available?

Hello Atlassian Dev Community,

While integrating with Jira’s API, I found out to my surprise that Platform API and Software API are two different things. And most importantly, that the Agile API doesn’t support OAuth2.0. While OAuth1.0a requires quite the tinkering on our customer’s site and API Token is not that secure objectively (even with the SSL) and subjectively, here comes a question (and I didn’t find a way to contact Atlassian directly).

Do you have maybe an ETA when the Software API is accessible with OAuth2.0? And if you have such plans at all.

Thank you for your attention!

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Hi @kams, welcome to the community. The following ticket is a feature request re: adding OAuth 2 3LO support for all Jira Software API endpoints. https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-2273. I encourage you to upvote and comment on that ticket.


@nmansilla Looking at the number of upvotes and comments it seems that no one really wants this feature to be added to Oauth 2.0. :wink:

Is there any technical blocker, or any other reason, why this cannot be done just like it happened for Service desk REST API?

Just a quick update: JSWCLOUD-18874 OAuth 2.0 for all the JSW REST API endpoints has been implemented. There seems to be an issue with the endpoint to get all boards that is currently under investigation, but all the other endpoints should already work.


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