OAuth2 - How to load confluence images that are not attachments

I have an OAuth 2 (3LO) app that takes Confluence content via REST API and then processes it. It also processes the images embedded in the Confluence page.

The Confluence content looks something like this

<img class="confluence-embedded-image" width="1415" src="https://site.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/{{contentId}}/peak.jpeg?api=v2"/>
<img src="/wiki/plugins/servlet/roadmap/image/{{contentId}}/7/f0477dfac6f6ca380d8c5f2f44041947.png" />

The first image is an attachment and since OAuth apps cannot load that url directly I’ll replace them with one that uses Atlassian API Gateway (api.atlassian.com) using this REST API Get URI to download attachment

Now how do I load the second image with OAuth…?


Any updates here?

Any updates…?