Object attribute value ID will be removed from all Assets REST APIs

Hello Atlassian Developer Community,

We want to notify you about an upcoming change to the REST API’s for Assets in Jira Service Management cloud. A number of our endpoints include in their response body the ID for an object attribute value. This ID is now deprecated and will be removed (all effected publicly documented endpoints listed below). This ID is not usable anywhere in our public REST API so we anticipate this change will not effect many of you. However, if you happen to be using the ID in any undocumented API’s then you may be effected.

This change will be made on or after 30 Sept 2024 for our publicly documented API endpoints. For any undocumented API endpoints that include this ID in their response body the change will be made sooner, on or after 1 Jul 2024.

You can continue to locate any particular attribute value on an object by:

  1. Using GET /object/{id} to retrieve the desired object.
  2. Using the attributes[].objectTypeAttributeId field in the response from (1) to uniquely identify a particular attribute of interest.

Effected publicly documented endpoints
The id and globalId fields will be removed from the attributes objects in the responses from the following endpoints:

  • GET /object/{id}
  • POST /object/{id}/create
  • PUT /object/{id}
  • DELETE /object/{id}
  • GET /object/{id}/attributes
  • GET /aql/objects
  • GET /object/navlist/aql
  • POST /object/aql

We hope this change causes minimal disruption.

All the best,

Justin King
Product Manager, Jira Service Management