Objects/Components included as part of Jira Cloud Storage

Hi All,

Recently, I have been exploring the Jira Cloud Storage option. I see a 2GB Cloud storage for a Free plan.

I tried to create 500 Dummy tickets to check any storage usage but unfortunately, after 1 hr storage space is still 0% usage. After adding 150MB of CSV file to one of the ticket I can see 150MB is consumed as part of the 2GB quota.

I am wondering the 2GB storage is considered only for the files attached to Jira tickets or it includes all other components as well ( like Jira tickets, components, workflows, etc)

I couldn’t find any online reference for this. So, checking in the community.

Please let me know if you need any other information

Hi @MohanSai
The Jira Cloud storage is indeed only for attachments.

Thanks for the confirmation @david2