onJiraIssue fails if key contains a period

onJiraIsue.get(…) fails with
Error: Invalid context/property key
if the key contains a period
await properties.onJiraIssue(issueKey).get("test.property")
but works correctly if the period is replaced with a dash
await properties.onJiraIssue(issueKey).get("test-property")

I see the same behaviour using .set(…)

Here’s the full call stack

Error: Invalid context/property key
at Object.exports.sanitizedKey (index.js:28965:15)
at Object.get (index.js:28858:51)
at index.js:12816:168
at processInitialValueAndThrow (index.js:12306:54)
at Object.exports.useAction (index.js:12321:9)
at exports.useState (index.js:29362:24)
at Object.App [as type] (index.js:12816:73)
at index.js:29160:36
at asyncMap (index.js:29095:30)
at index.js:29116:35

Possibly related to Bug: onConfluenceSpace fails for personal spaces - Forge / Forge Platform and Tools - The Atlassian Developer Community

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Hey @SteveYoungs,

Thanks for your report, I have made a note of this on our internal backlog. Can’t commit to a specific time frame on this currently.