Only 401 errors when searching confluence api

Hello all.

I am having trouble searching with the Confluence search api. I have an app set up to have all the scopes I should need (mainly search:confluence and read:confluence-content.all). I also enabled the User Identity API as I will need that.

I am able to successfully generate an access token via OAuth Code Grants.
I am able to hit the self info endpoint successfully.
I am able to hit the token accessible resources successfully.

I am seeing the correct permissions returned by the accessible resources endpoint

I am not able to access the Search api endpoint. I have tried the end point that uses the cloud_id which returned 401 “Unauthorized” and I have tried the atlassian-domain endpoint that returns 401 “Request rejected because issuer is either not authorized or not authorized to impersonate”

For example

curl --request GET --url ‘’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_HERE’ --header ‘Accept: application/json’

curl --request GET --url ‘’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_HERE’ --header ‘Accept: application/json’

both return a form of 401.

Since the token works for other endpoints and these are both the recommended search endpoints I would guess that the mistake is somewhere else.

Is there a step I am missing? Is there an issue with the API? Any other advice?


Did you fix your issue ? I am having the same problem with the Users (get current user) endpoint.