Ooh, I can remove Issue Content from a non-editable issue

If you set the jira.issue.editable property on a workflow status to ‘false’, an issue is protected from changes when it is in that status. But, even when so protected it is possible to remove issue content. Somehow it doesn’t seem right.

I suppose it depends on the semantics of ‘hide’. If issue content can be removed, then should it be possible to do that when the issue isn’t editable?

That’s interesting because we have the opposite problem.

Namely, adding/removing Content sets issue entity property. If the issue is not editable, then user cannot set the property so cannot add the Content.

I haven’t tested that but I would expect that user is not be able to hide the Content because of the same reason.

I observed similar problem with expanding/hiding Issue Content when user doesn’t have “edit issue” permission. In browser console we can see “forbidden” request for setting issue’s properties.


@lszarecki Perhaps you could help in getting more Atlassian attention on https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-2111 (I believe I and you are both talking about the same issue, right?)

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I think we’re all bumping our heads on the same beam. Essentially, the New Issue View design is not clear as to the semantics of adding and removing/hiding issue content. When you click a quick-add button, are you performing an EDIT operation on the issue, in which case the user needs permission to edit the issue - or are you merely altering the view of the issue, in which case the user maybe doesn’t need permission to edit the issue?

Complicating the matter is the issue entity property that Jira uses to signal that Issue Content has been added. When you click the quick-add button, Jira adds that entity property, and when you ‘hide’ (or remove?) the issue content, Jira removes the entity property.

I’m sure some kind soul from the design team at Atlassian will illuminate this dark corner for us all.


@david.pinn I don’t even understand the general purpose of the quick-add button. From my experience, the issue content from the app exists regardless of what you have done with the quick-add buttons. Clicking the button seems to just act as a redirect to the app’s issue content that is already there. I could see if your app opens a modal that is separate from the issue view, but to me it just seems duplicative and a waste of valuable real estate since most good apps interact and integrate with the issue view itself.

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