Open a Blueprint Wizard from a Web Item


I’m trying to write code that converts an existing page into a custom Blueprint Template.

I have a working blueprint, it has a wizard that works fine and you know, it’s all good in the neighbourhood (as the kids say). I’ve managed to open this wizard dialogue using a macro, I’ve managed to open it by clicking on the blueprint in the dialog that opens after pressing the “create a page” button.

So now, we have some pages where people haven’t used this template, and they’ve filled in some info and also have some inline-comments and other stuff. So creating a new page and moving the content isn’t as interesting as having a script that simply converts the page into the relevant template.

I hope I haven’t confused you so far. The way i’m implementing this is by adding a web item to system.content.action menu and what I want this link to do is simply to open the blueprint wizard (it’ll have to be a different wizard that is able to handle the conversion, rather than creating a fresh page, but that’s a different topic).

So, TL:DR:
I have a web item that is a menu-link and when this link is pressed, I want it to open up a blueprint wizard. How do I do that?

Thank you all in advance.

I continued my search and found this tutorial:

I haven’t read it, yet, but it does exactly what I want to do, but in jira server. I’m not sure if the instructions here will apply to confluence, we’ll see :slight_smile:

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Hi @alexander.sopov, I’m currently developing the same function for my plugin. Have you by any chance found the solution? Thank you!

Unfortunately, no =/