Open a Forge Resource in fullscreen or a new browser tab

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Please note: this question is not about how to open links from a Custom UI module. One would use the router component for that, as has been pointed out. My question is about something else, let me explain:

Our existing Connect app creates Presentations based on Confluence pages and displays them in a new browser tab. I’m looking into how to move the app to Forge.

For our use case, we need all the screen real estate of a full browser window. A new browser tab is ideal for that as a frequent use case is “Navigate to Confluence page, start presentation, drag presentation browser tab to secondary screen, go fullscreen and present”. The presentation view also supports things like “Print to PDF” which requires full access to the DOM and window.

Long story short, to be able to migrate to Forge, I need to show content from my Forge app fullscreen, best case in a new dedicated browser tab.

I know that the current Modal class offers a quite big modal, which is nice, but you wouldn’t want to watch your CEOs keynote in that modal.

The question is: Is there any way to open a resource from the manifest on its own in a new browser tab?

My favorite solution would be a new “blank” option for the sizing of Modals, opening the modal in a new tab.


On second thought (and after experimenting a little more), my preferred solution would be to add a method to the custom UI router that allows you to open a resource by key and pass additional context to it.

Like that: router.openResource('presentation', {pageId: asdf, includeChildren: asdf, ...})

I guess that the implementation wouldn’t be too complex as you already inject the Forge bridge into iframes running the custom UI resources.

It would be great to get some feedback on this question as it is blocking our move to Forge. If no solution is in sight, that’s okay as well, we’ll stay a Connect app then. Just getting clarity about where to invest our resources would be great.

Any of the Atlassian All-Stars in the forum? @ibuchanan, @dmorrow, @kkercz?


I can’t see any solutions on the horizon. Let’s make sure to get this logged so you, and others who might stumble upon this thread, would have something formal to track. Could you please open a feature request yourself in our open Jira (JAC) in the ECO project. I think you could just copy/paste your opening post. Once you have the issue key, please let us know here so other folks can watch, vote, and comment.

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Dear @ibuchanan,

thanks for the quick reaction. Although not what I hoped for, we can work with that certainty now.

I’ve created a suggestion ticket in the ECO project: and hope that it will be picked up.