Open Agile Board with hidden Header over URL

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i’d like to embed an Jira Agile Board into Microsoft Teams as a register. So when i’m doing this, the board opens as expected, but it shows the Jira Header. I need to press “Z” to hide the header, but i’d like to have it open with a hidden header. Is this possible e.g. by adding a certain parameter in the URL?

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Hello @oliver.zabel!

Jira does not support this behavior, however you can customize it yourself. Here is one of ways:

Full source code:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (GH && GH.PresentationMode) { 
  GH.PresentationMode.getStoredMode = function() {
      return new URLSearchParams("presentationMode") ||"gh.presentation.mode",!0)
<style>#announcement-banner { display: none; }</style>

Once you do this set up just append &presentationMode=compact to board url.

Hope that helps!