Open for suggestions: Your ideas for new Forge example apps!

Hi everyone,

You may be aware that we host a variety of Example Apps for Forge on

Some of these examples haven’t been kept up-to-date with the rapid changes happening on Forge, so over the next few months I’ll be co-ordinating a refresh of these examples.

I would love to hear suggestions from the community on what kinds of apps and examples you would like to see in this repository. Are there particular features of Forge or particular “recipes” that you want to see as an end-to-end example?

Please let me know if you have any feedback on how we can makes these examples more useful and relevant for you.


Thanks @HeyJoe much appreciated, it’s essential to have these examples as a quick reference when building forge apps!


This is great!
Would love to see small apps that demonstrate each module/yaml property setting individually.

Would also really love to see these example apps used as basis of monitoring Forge. That way if it’s in the docs/examples then it works…



@HeyJoe : I suggest two examples apps:

1 - An inline macro in Confluence to show a specific JIRA field choosen by user.
Example: User want to show in Confluence document the field “date of creation” of ticket “JIRA-123”

2- A macro to create/show/update or delete a JIRA ticket from Confluence

Hey @HeyJoe

I think having some example apps is good but in my eyes, it does not make too much sense to invest too much time to have many example apps because they will likely always suffer from a lack of maintenance.

Instead, I would consider turning this around, decommission some examples, and invest the resources into improving the developer experience. Specifically, I am thinking of the following:

  • The developer experience, in particular with custom UI apps is currently lacking (see this thread and this thread). It seems many partners are inventing their own way of doing things and none of these issues are addressed by the existing example apps. It would be nice if Atlassian would support a monorepo approach or any other app organization for custom UI that goes beyond toy examples and doing everything by hand. More generally, I would like to see a well-thought-out common project layout that works with custom UI, Forge UI, that supports building and tunneling in a single command - essentially guidance on what a Forge project should look like.

  • More detailed and extensive documentation. When I say “documentation” I mean classic docs on CDAC but also TSDoc (or whatever may be used) to document the public API. If the documentation is top I see less need for example apps.


I would agree with @tbinna on most points but one example that I would love to see is how to work with adf documents, in particular how to use the up to date adf-utils library which does not seem to have any kind of serious documentation at all at the moment

Examples of globalPage, projectPage, adminPage.

Hey everyone - thank you for your feedback so far. Happy to continue to receive more suggestions.

@tbinna - thank you for your feedback on the developer experience challenges with Custom UI. I can see that @AdamMoore has already replied to your thread - he is definitely the right person to follow up on addressing your concerns. I take your point on focussing more people on fewer initiatives, but I believe that our team responsible for the developer experience is well funded and actively working on some big improvements (Adam is the Product Manager for that team).

Would also really love to see these example apps used as basis of monitoring Forge. That way if it’s in the docs/examples then it works…

That’s the dream @danielwester! I don’t know if we’ll be able to completely solve this in our current refresh of the examples, but I hope this gets us a step in the right direction.


Thank you, Joe. Looking forward to those improvements :raised_hands:

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