Open for suggestions: Your ideas for new Forge example apps!

Hey @HeyJoe

I think having some example apps is good but in my eyes, it does not make too much sense to invest too much time to have many example apps because they will likely always suffer from a lack of maintenance.

Instead, I would consider turning this around, decommission some examples, and invest the resources into improving the developer experience. Specifically, I am thinking of the following:

  • The developer experience, in particular with custom UI apps is currently lacking (see this thread and this thread). It seems many partners are inventing their own way of doing things and none of these issues are addressed by the existing example apps. It would be nice if Atlassian would support a monorepo approach or any other app organization for custom UI that goes beyond toy examples and doing everything by hand. More generally, I would like to see a well-thought-out common project layout that works with custom UI, Forge UI, that supports building and tunneling in a single command - essentially guidance on what a Forge project should look like.

  • More detailed and extensive documentation. When I say “documentation” I mean classic docs on CDAC but also TSDoc (or whatever may be used) to document the public API. If the documentation is top I see less need for example apps.