OpenAPI Settings (Swagger-UI Configurations)


Does anyone know a way to make the Schema tab show first, rather than the Example Value tab under responses?

Hello @DianaHarrington

Can you clarify exactly what you refer to? Where are these openapi settings?

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I apologize for my confusion, this is the first time posting in the Community and I am still learning!
Thank you for asking, our company added the OpenAPI viewer for BitBucket and are playing with settings. I uploaded the screen we are looking at!

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Hey @DianaHarrington,

I happen to represent the developers of this addon :slight_smile:

We added this configuration and made a new release. Please upgrade to version 1.2.1 and you will be able to set the default model rendering through the settings ui.

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PERFECT!!! Thank you! My company is just really getting into this whole area and we are having fun!

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