openCreateIssueDialog - Create issue dialog - field got unaccessible to enter anything


We are using AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog to open jira issue create dialog from my cloud app.
When I have open any modal-dialog inside my app, at that time if I try to open jira issue form (openCreateIssueDialog) from either left side “+” button or through “AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog”… it’s open properly but not able to fill any value inside that form… that overlay become unresponsive… ( summary field, description not able to type anything inside that form )

Is there any problem with modal-dialog css override or with openCreateIssueDialog css override issue?

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Hi @umang.savaliya,

I’ve tried replicating this inside a generalPage module and triggered the AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog and was able to fill in and create new issue. Which module are you encountering this issue?


Hey @acalantog,

Pls try with below step to reproduce this issue…

  • Jira cloud AddOn
  • We have ReactJS + atlas kit Component
  • In our gernealPage -> We are opening one atlas kit modal
  • Now open JIRA issue create overly ( now we have two way )
    ** Programmatically from addOn we can open this dialog using AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog
    ** Or user can go to left blue panel where we have “+” blue round icon and try to open issue overlay from there.