Opening file/media viewer from Connect (& Forge)

Hi team,

in our app ( we’d like to show the attachment(s) of an issue using Jira’s built-in file/media viewer. At the moment, this doesn’t seem to be supported by the Connect JS API.

I’m envisioning a call similar to


Could such a feature be provided? (We need it for Connect now but it will also be needed for Forge in the foreseeable future.)

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(Related question see Is it possible to integrate Media Viewer into the Jira Cloud app?)


I second this request :slight_smile:

We implemented our own dialog in our upcomming version for this as we noticed that the media dialog seems to handle multiple attachments in a strange way:
It iterate only over the ~6 attachments that are within the current “page”

We tried to use the Atlaskit Component but something blocked us from doing so, can’t remember the details

But we would love this idea too as it’s not a good way for the user experience

Hi @hobweger , @SaschaReuterQuestMat and @m.herrmann ,

I have created [ACJIRA-2379] Add a Javascript API to show Jira attachments - Ecosystem Jira to request this feature.


Is there any progress? It’s a blocker for our app listed on the Marketplace

@ElenaOvdienkoStiltso, this sure seems like a popular request! And, I can appreciate the need to know about progress but please make your votes and comments on the Jira ticket. That’s where the appropriate engineering team is going to see your interest and that’s where responses belong as the “authoritative record”.

I’m going to lock this thread in favor of directing people to ACJIRA-2379.