Option to disable iframe resizer in Forge Custom UI Modal

In my Forge app, I’d like to show some content inside a custom UI modal, with size: ‘max’, like this:

I just want my content to be as large as possible and fill that available space, without scrollbars.

However, with the iframe resize listener, I can’t find a way to achieve this, because if my content doesn’t have a fixed height, the iframe height will be zero.

Is here a way to turn off the iframe resize listener and fill all of the available space in the modal?

Hi @rob-whimsical,

Did you find a way to fill the modal since you posted? I’ve created a few modals in my app and it doesn’t seem to be possible to 100% fill the modal’s height without some hackery of sorts.

Kind regards,

Ditto. What’s the point in having modals sized relatively if you can only render content with static heights lol. @AdamMoore this is another blocker for both a new app and existing apps. Submitted bug ticket: ECOHELP-28975

Just leaving this here to anyone facing the same issue;

Atlassian has a bug issue in their backlog about this, but its priority is “Minor” for some reason. The resizer in the dialog is not intended.

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