Other users don't have access to my internal app

  1. I created a new app and tested it
  2. When it was ready, I deployed it to production and then installed it in my production environment (forge install -e production)
  3. I can use the app just fine
  4. When teammates try to use the app, they are first asked to Allow it, and they do
  5. When they try to use the app, they get a “You don’t have access to this app” with the reason it’s still in development. See the attached screenshot

Note, the app is meant for internal use within a small team. It doesn’t make sense to publish it in the marketplace.

The deployment documentation doesn’t mention anything about granting access to the account. How can I enable the app for others?



We are seeing this issue as well, and it seems to be a relatively new one.

In the past I have been able to have teammates access the app. And teammates who have done so in the past can continue to access the app. Only new teammates who try are encountering this issue.

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Hi @IdoCupixel and @TimPesce,

Note that with the release of app distribution we have changed the default sharing status of all apps to ‘Not sharing’, this is because we want app developers to be in control of their app’s sharing status once the app is ready. To enable end users to use your app you will need to go to the developer console and enable sharing. Please note that you can still install it via the CLI if you are an admin of your site or share the installation url if you want to install it on a site that you are not an admin of.

I will make sure we revise our documentation to so those steps are clear.

Hope this makes sense.




@AngelinaIgnatova It works after sharing the app.
Updating the documentation would be very helpful to others.


Thank you @AngelinaIgnatova ! I didn’t connect that this was related to app distribution.

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