Overriding Actions in certain package

Hello Community,

I’m rather new to confluence development, and I’ve been getting myself familiar with the system for the last couple of Months.

I have managed to override some default actions, in order to extend the Profile page in Confluence. However i have noticed that, by overriding some actions (for example in the /users namespace from the users package), causes that other actions from the same package, that i didn’t override, can not be executed anymore. Is this a normal behaviour? Does this mean, that i have to override every single action in certain package in order to get them all working, or is there a way to use the default behaviour, when i don’t want to override some of the actions?

Thank you in advance

Ok, i think i have found a solution for my Problem.

Instead of extending the users package, i was extending the default package with package named “users”. In this case i was replacing the users package with my own, and thats why the other actions were missing.

<package name="users" extends="default" namespace="/users">

Now i’m extending the users package with my new package name, so i can extend only the actions that i need.

<package name="users-new" extends="users" namespace="/users">

This seems to work.