Overwriting app-migrated data on the Cloud side

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is careful not to overwrite data on the Cloud side:

“The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant will only add data to your cloud site, not overwrite it – meaning you can move to a new or existing cloud site without issue.” (1)

There’s a mechanism for avoiding duplicates:

“If an entity in your migration has the same name as an entity in the cloud site, and we don’t have a record of migrating it, we will modify the name by adding (migrated) to avoid duplicates.” (2)

I suppose that statement relates to core data, Jira’s own configuration stuff. What about app data?

Our app provides a UI in both the Server and Cloud editions for configuring its behaviour. Should we overwrite those configuration data on the Cloud side as part of the migration? There’s no mechanism on the Cloud side for storing duplicates, so what to do?

In my earlier thread, Handling project-related migration errors, James wrote:

If data are in fact changed between migrations, should the corresponding data on the Cloud side be overwritten by the second migration?


Hi @david.pinn,

That’s a great question, and I’d like to hear from other Partners what they’re thinking of doing in this situation.

I’d also recommend reaching out to your customers to see what they’d expect, as they’ll be the ones using it.


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