Own theme - font colors (headings, links, etc.) don't change

Hi, guys,
we’ve been facing issues while trying to implement our own confluence theme (cloud) using atlas-connect. We’ve managed to get the theme transported, background color and paddings have changed as desired. However the font color doesn’t seem to react in any way. Here’s an excerpt from atlassian-connect.json:

“lookAndFeel”: {

      "headings": {

           "color": "#1aa3e6",

           "backgroundColor": "#1aa345",


       "links": {

           "color": "#1aa3e6"


Should “headings” or “color” be replaced with different words to achieve change in font color for heading 1?

Thank you in advance for the help

Hi @pawelcharazinski,

You might be interested in this thread: Is creating a Theme for Confluence Cloud still possible?

Unfortunately it looks like the API is dead.


Hey @pawelcharazinski, I’ve just posted a response in the thread @sven.schatter linked. Given that’s the original thread on the topic, let’s continue the discussion there.

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