‘Page Properties Report’ Macro with "Forge Macro"-output as property has wrong encoding


i recently wrote a forge-confluence app for a customer. He uses the forge macro-output as a property in a ‘Page Properties Report’. But there comes a problem with german special characters. Although the forge-macro output looks good when the macro is used ‘standalone’ in the page, the display in the report is incorrectly encoded. It is even displayed correctly in the “Page Property” macro, just not in the report …

It doesn’t matter if I code the umlauts in the forge code, e.g. with Ü = \u00dc or just leave them as they are:

      StatusLozengeAppearance = "moved"
      StatusLozengeText = "\u00dcberarbeitung-test"

same result as:

      StatusLozengeAppearance = "moved"
      StatusLozengeText = "Überarbeitung"

Is this possibly a bug, or is there something I can do to have the correct coding in the report?

Best Regards - Gunther

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Hi @GuntherPelzer ,

This looks like it will require some investigation. Are you able to raise this issue here. When you do, it would be great if you could provide a minimal code sample and the steps to reproduce this.