Page tool menu jumps around

My team has noticed new behavior in the “…” page tool menu for accessing page history, storage format, etc.

The menu dynamically loads individual items, resulting in menu items that jump around as more slowly rendered menu items like “Move” and “Archive BETA” are inserted into the menu. When “Move” arrives late it shifts every menu item below it down by one.

My team has a few menu items for our apps so we are always, all day long, clicking on page menu items. The jumping UI is resulting in many poorly aimed mouse clicks.

Can we please have the 3 sections of the menu load more smoothly (top, bottom, middle)? Queue up the building of each section and render it visible AFTER it is ready for human consumption.

Please. This is driving a few of us crazy. We are fragile as it is.


Thanks @TureHoefner for sharing this feedback. I’ll share it with the team.

This might be a case of it affecting a developer more than a customer though as I would only ever notice this if I’m building something in that menu. Refresh, click on the menu, be annoyed by progressive loading.

Uhm. Now that I noticed it - it looks really weird that things pop in when I’ve loaded the menu…

This type of small thing that might not be a big deal to Atlassian - really do hurts vendors in support because documentation screenshots are “wrong”…