PageId always numeric?

This may seem to be a dumb question, but I need to know if PageIds for Confluence pages are always numeric? I have only seen so far PageIds as numeric but wanted to make sure and its important to me to know since I will be storing PageIds in a database and need to decide the data type for the column. Thanks.

Hi @rnunez ,

I’ve only observed positive integer IDs, however, to be safe I’ve created CONFCLOUD-72640 so the Confluence team documents the format.



Thank you Dugald!

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Hello @dmorrow

All the existing documentation I’ve seen for the Confluence REST API says that queries that pass or return the pageid as a parameter should supply the value as a string, not an integer.

However, documentation for PageManager says that the parameter is the type long, so I’m guessing there is an intermediate conversion between the REST API and PageManager to transform the string into a long integer for storage.

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