Paid integrations for BitBucket Cloud


I know Atlassian does not provide the Paid-via-Atlassian option for BitBucket Cloud add-ons, but does anyone have any experience with implementing their own commercial integration with custom payment scheme?



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I’m not aware of any currently listed Bitbucket Cloud add-ons with a custom payment scheme.

Is there any objection from Atlassian against having paid integrations in BitBucket Cloud?

Hi Remie,

Our vision is for Atlassian to service all of your go to market needs directly through Atlassian Marketplace, and we’re still working towards it. Plans for all sorts of newer elements including monetization of newer and smaller products are slowly emerging internally. We’ll share details when we can, as always.

Meantime we haven’t yet enabled direct monetization in newer and smaller products like Bitbucket Cloud, HipChat, Statuspage, Trello and I have no objection if you implement your own licensing and payments for now.

Since you’re actively thinking about it, licensing strategies around different newer services like repository hosting, build compute, and fluctuating user / work-output ratios are an interesting open topic for me, and I’d like to talk with you (and other vendors) thinking through their add-on’s potential. Please feel free to email me directly so we can set up a call to have a chat together.

Thanks! -nick wade
Head of Business Operations, Ecosystem


@nwade, thanks for clarifying! We’re still contemplating on our pricing model. I will contact you as soon as we have a first draft of our plan.


I would like to know whether there is a roadmap for Bitbicbuket Cloud apps paid listings in Atlassian Market? We are heading fast towards publishing an app for Bitbucket Cloud and we would like to have it paid, subscription based.

Currently Marketplace Vendor Agreement is somewhat prohibiting having Paid-via-Vendor Apps for Bitbucket Cloud, see quote: “Paid-via- Vendor Apps may only be Software Apps. They may not be Cloud Apps or any Apps you develop using Atlassian Connect.”


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In 2-3 weeks we are plannig to launch out app for Bitbucket Cloud. We would like to have it paid. What can we do about it? Marketplace Vendor Agreement forbids having paid Bitbucket Cloud apps :frowning:

There are many ways to work around this issue. You can offer a free “integration” to your paid SaaS product. This does require you to handle payment yourself, but you can use Stripe billing.

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I don’t think we actually prevent users from collecting payment for having BBC apps, we just don’t support collecting those payments via pay-via-atlassian. there are other partners on BBC that are collecting payment directly. sincerely, BBC PM

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Hi @jcolli2,

You might want to read up on the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Agreement, specifically this part:

Paid-via-Vendor Apps
Apps for which users pay all fees to Vendor (not Atlassian). Paid-via- Vendor Apps may only be Software Apps. They may not be Cloud Apps or any Apps you develop using Atlassian Connect.

If you really feel that there is no limitation for paid-via-vendor apps on BitBucket Cloud without support for PvA, you should tell your legal department, not us vendors :wink:


@jcolli2 thanks for clarifications!

I am afraid for Bitbucket apps based on Atlassian Connect platform - marketplace is blocking PvV model. You can only choose FREE listing for such apps. Is there any chance to unlock PvV model in this case for the time PvA for Bitbucket Cloud is not implemented?

Having a free listing on the marketplace will lead our customers to confusion when we will introduce our subscription model for them.


Yeah, Can’t disagree with you there. Sounds like our legal department needs to update that language to be more clear for Bitbucket Cloud apps.

I’ll reach out to our marketplace team and follow up. In the meantime, may make sense to list it as a free app, but still treat it as a pay-via-vendor app in your installation instructions.

I think the problem here is that these settings were written for Jira products, not considering that Bitbucket doesn’t separately support PVA at the moment.

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