ParseError: 'import' and 'export' may appear only with 'sourceType: module'

Error Text

[1] /Users/xxxx/code/xxxx/node_modules/@atlaskit/icon/node_modules/@atlaskit/theme/index.js:1
[1] import * as colors from './colors';
[1] ^
[1] ParseError: 'import' and 'export' may appear only with 'sourceType: module'


[1] /Users/xxxx/code/xxxx/node_modules/@atlaskit/dynamic-table/index.js:1
[1] export { default } from './components/Stateful';
[1] ^
[1] ParseError: 'import' and 'export' may appear only with 'sourceType: module'

More info

It seems that some packages in atlaskit are using the form import { default } from 'some/component' because those components are exporting in the form export default class SomeComponent extends React.Component as opposed to export default SomeComponent.


I’ve looked at various Babel and Browserify plugins, have gone through lots of tickets on github with the same err, and none seem to have a solution. This had not been a problem until this week when we had to reinstall node_modules from scratch, and we’re wondering if some updates were made retroactively to various atlaskit components

  • in the case of atlaskit/select, theme/colors is a peerdep
  • whereas dynamic-table it just fails alone, because it’s ^11.x (trying it out for the first time for a new view)


Our import statements:

import { CheckboxSelect } from '@atlaskit/select'
// and
import DynamicTable from '@atlaskit/dynamic-table'

Our build command:

"js:watch:frontend": "watchify path/to/our/app.js --extension=\".jsx\" -t [ babelify --presets [ @babel/preset-env @babel/preset-react ] ] -t [ envify --NODE_ENV development --API=\"\" ] -o public/dist/app.js -dv",


  "presets": [
        "targets": {
          "browsers": [
            "> .5% or last 3 versions, not IE <= 11"

Package Versions:

"@atlaskit/dynamic-table": "^11.0.1",
"@atlaskit/select": "^6.1.4",
"@babel/core": "^7.1.2",
"@babel/preset-env": "^7.1.0",
"@babel/preset-react": "^7.0.0",
"browserify": "^16.2.3",
"watchify": "^3.11.1",
"babelify": "^10.0.0",


We’ve tried various preset-env configurations (as well as removing it completely) to no avail. Have tried rewriting the CLI command as a Gulp config with the same result. Have tried webpack with the same kind of issue. etc. etc.

Thank you for taking a look at this

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