Partial Migration with Cloud Apps is Painfull due to Missing App-Link Support


As customers migrate things to the cloud, they often do partial or step wise migration. The App-Links and App Tunnels are great: They keep the connections between Atlassian products working.

EXCEPT: For 3rd party apps. Those are stuck, because they can not use the App-Links and -Tunnel in the cloud. We get support request like: How can your app use the App-Tunnel / Why is the app tunnel not working with your app. And we have to tell the costumer that we can not support the app tunnel.

We did extra work to at least allow some migration, by provide options to configure the App-Link again in our app and options to send app traffic via a specific IP, so customers can allow our app through the Firewall. This works in some cases. In other cases, where the DNS entry is private or the server has a private IP, that still does not work.

Either way: The customer needs to do extra configuration, open their firewall, etc.
Worse case: They have multiple apps, then they get to do this configuration for multiple apps, if the app even has an option for it.

This is quite a sad situation =(. We as a vendor would love to let our app use the App-Link and -Tunnel mechanisms. Like:

  1. get the config of the app links.
  2. allow using the app-tunnel.

I’ve created issues[1, 2] about this a while ago, but those didn’t get traction.

Currently each vendor is required to come up with their own app specific solution.

  1. Has anyone a good way how they solve this issue for their apps?
  2. Or did I miss an official solution?
  3. Or you use another way to support a mixed Cloud ↔ DC environment with cloud apps?

Best regards
Roman Sotffel