Partner Discount Updates for Marketplace Apps

Update: New Partner Discount structure is live

On July 15, 2018, Atlassian will be bringing the standard discount provided to Partners on Marketplace apps into better alignment with the discounts provided on Atlassian products. Discounts vary by Partner Type and may also vary by the type of transaction (new & upgrade vs. renewal transactions). With this improved alignment, we will also be enforcing the renewal discount rules applied to Atlassian products which includes in order to qualify for a discount, the original product or prior renewal must have been purchased through the same Partner.

No action is needed, however if you have opted out of Partner discounts, this is a great time to reconsider. Partners account for over half of sales on the Atlassian Marketplace and are a great channel to get your products in front of our current and prospective customers.

Click here to review the discount structure and rules applicable to Atlassian products.

Note: You must be currently registered, logged in and approved to join the private group for Marketplace vendors to view the above link. If you are not currently registered, please sign up for a new account today. Once you have registered for your account in the developer community, you can file a ticket to join our private group for Marketplace Vendors.


@ldellatorre, I still see the renewals share being 20%. I assume that’s because experts have registered quotes before July 15. Is that why we still see the renewals at 20%?

Hi @yvesriel, There are two reasons why a transaction may show as 20% discount. Either it’s an existing quote, or it’s from a specific type of Solution Partner.

But from the table you provided, no Solution Partner should have 20% on renewals right? So it’s only due to quote.