Pass on OAuth token from Jira to an external application

We are building an interface between our Jira instance and other business applications such as SAP. This may be bi-directional; which means we intend to both trigger actions in mentioned applications as well as read certain data from them. It is desired that the role & rights concept of these applications can be considered. This would be achievable if there is an option to pass on the OAuth token of the logged in Jira users to an external application.

We came across ‘Application Links’, which seemed to be a potential solution to achieve this. We were able to add an application link and tested the connection successfully, however, we were unable to find / use this app link in the Jira Scripts using following documentation ApplicationLinkService (Applinks API 3.2 API) ( Thus we wondered if ‘Application Links’ is actually the correct thing to do for above mentioned Use Case?

If yes: Is there some up-to-date documentation / experience available for ‘Application Links’?
If no: Are there other possibilities that we could use (Either Jira OOTB features or any Add Ons)?

Appreciate any input

Hello @PatrickUllrich

You’re approaching the problem from the wrong aspect. The business applications such as SAP does not need to have the user’s OAuth token passed to it, since it is not the thing doing the change to Jira… your ‘interface’ is the thing doing the change. Essentially, this ‘interface’ must act as a transaction gateway between your external apps and Jira, and vice-versa. It must be responsible for using the authorisation credentials, not the app.

Since you have chosen to stay on the soon-to-be-unsupported Server platform, you have hamstrung yourself as to using all the existing third party commercial SAP integrations that already exist for Jira Cloud, which would negate the entire need to build this custom interface, not to mention the associated development time and labour costs.