Passing field ID for non customfieldids


Hi I am writing a relatively simple report on configuration items in Jira Cloud.

I have a list of fields and want to get a list of screens on which the field appears.

The API above works when we pass field ids with the customfield_11111 pattern, but does not work on the older system fields - e.g ‘summary’, ‘assignee’ etc. Can anyone advise? I have tried putting in quotes, etc but nothing has worked.

Hello @JuliaMurphy

I’ve just tested that endpoint and gotten the same result. There doesn’t seem to be a way to pass in the IDs of system fields, only custom fields.

GET https://{{Instance}}/rest/api/3/field/description/screens

    "errorMessages": [
        "The field with ID 'description' was not found."
    "errors": {}

Yet I know that the ID of the system field called Description is ‘description’

The equivalent v2 endpoint has the same problem. I think you should raise this as a bug with Atlassian.

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Have you tried this API?
There are also APIs for screen tabs, and fields on screen tabs.