Passing macro parameters to PDF export URL not working with migrated content

Hi all :slight_smile:

in one of our Confluence Cloud apps, we pass macro parameters to the PDF export URL like this:

"renderModes": {
  "pdf": {
    "url": "/rest/export/macro-pdf?contentId={}&macroParam1={macroParam1}&macroParam2={macroParam2}"

This is working well with content that was created on the cloud instance. But we noticed with a customer that his/her Confluence is not passing any macro parameters from pages that were migrated from a server installation.

It works again when the customer edits the page, clicks on edit on the macro and saves it without making any changes. That makes me think that the “PDF URL calling mechanism” in Confluence Cloud might take the parameters from some intermediate storage that has not been populated correctly after migrating.

Did anybody also experience this? And/or does anybody might have a practical solution on how to fix this without going through every macro and every page and clicking on save?


Hello @GeorgSchmidlLA,

Thanks for your question about the pdf rendering. Having a look at your issue, I suspect the problem might be that when you migrate the page, it’s too complex to be automatically converted to the new editor.

When you first migrate the page and edit it, does it use the new or the old editing experience? Do you see a button or link at the bottom about converting the page to the new editor?