Patch Confluence Data Center and Server releases automatically bump app listings' compatibility on marketplace


We noticed that whenever a new Confluence DC/Server patch version is released, all of our apps on marketplace would have their compatibility automatically bumped to include the just released version. While it could be argued that patch releases are small enough that it’s safe to assume no breaking changes will be introduced for apps, in a few occasions, some of our apps would be incompatible with a new patch release and we would have to manually downgrade the automatically upgraded compatibility until we can release a new compatible version.

I am posting this to find out:

  1. If there is a way to opt out of this automatic compatibility bump.
  2. How other marketplace partners mitigate the effects of this untested compatibility bump.
  3. If this is documented somewhere so that we can better understand how it works. E.g. how many versions of the app does it bump compatibility for. Some apps only get 1 version upgraded while others get as many as 5.

Any insights are highly appreciated :slight_smile: