Path property in webtrigger request not containing query string


calling a webtrigger works just fine, but, unfortunately, the original query string of the request can’t be found neither in the path property nor somewhere else in the request object passed to the webtrigger function.

Is this on purpose or a bug?

Kind regards!


Hi @UdoHagemannDecadisAG, this behaviour is not implemented — you can pass in parameters in the body of your webtrigger request.

Thanks for clarifying, @nhur!

Unfortunately, the web request going to the webtrigger is issued by a third party in response to an OAuth2 request for an authorization_code, as part of a server-to-server authorization flow. There, you get a query string, not a request body.

Is there any chance this could soon be added to webtrigger functionality?
If not, is there another way to implement it in Forge?
Otherwise, we would have to turn away from Forge - not good.

Kind regards!

Hi @UdoHagemannDecadisAG, thanks for sharing your use case with us — I’ll follow up with the team and get back to you ASAP

Hi @UdoHagemannDecadisAG, this is being worked on right now. Thanks for raising!

Hi @UdoHagemannDecadisAG this should work now, it’ll be under queryParameters inside the request object (we’ll be updating the docs soon)


Hi @nhur , great! Just gave it a try, works for me, thanks a lot!