PDF export and external links / profilePicture

In our app we display the avatars (profilePicture) of users on a page. That works well on live pages in the editor. The display of the avatars is based on linking to the profilePicture of the specific user.

When a user exports such a page to PDF, the avatars don’t display and the user just sees and empty square. However some time ago the avatar’s were displaying in PDF export. I don’t know when this change happened.

It seems externally embedded images are not rendered by the PDF exporter anymore.
Is there any known workaround for the new behavior of the PDF exporter?

Hey Marc,

Are you using the export capability in your app? Otherwise, this request might be better followed up with Atlassian Support, who’ll point it to the team in charge of Confluence exports.

Hi @huw Sure to go to https://support.atlassian.com/ ? That seems more like user support.

Submitted a report through DEVHELP

DEVHELP is probably the right place to go if you’re relying on this functionality in your app :slight_smile: