PDF export and inline content macros

PDF Export does not inline static/dynamic content macros it renders them as blocks.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  • A page (both new/fabric and old) that contains inline content macros is exported to PDF using the Confluence “Export to PDF” tool.
  • The PDF does not render the content inline, it renders it as a block
  • This happens for both static and dynamic content macros.
  • We see the problem in both old and new/fabric pages

Has anyone else encountered this? If Atlassian can help with this could you check DEVHELP-4051? We opened that earlier this year and it didn’t get picked up. Our support team reported today that we have another customer who has complained about it.



Thank you Atlassian team for revisiting open DEVHELP tickets. Our DEVHELP-4051 has been picked up again.

I can’t at-mention the engineer who picked up the ticket, maybe he isn’t hooked up to CDAC yet? Anyways, he is addressing several of our old open tickets and we appreciate it.

@JohnAgan we were going to go through our old DEVHELP tickets this week to ping some of the new folks for help but it is already being addressed. Timely! Thanks!


Glad to hear it :sunglasses: