Permission denied when using bitbucket pipelines to login to forge on current Forge Cli 2.0.0

I am trying to utilize bitbucket pipelines to automate forge deployments to staging and production based on merges.
Using the code base from this tutorial I am able to get it to work.
When I tried it with my own app I could not login to forge within the pipeline.
bash: node_modules/.bin/forge: Permission denied
After some troubleshooting, I noticed that the only thing I needed to change to make it work was the version of Forge CLI "@forge/cli" in the package.json.
In the tutorial it is @forge/cli": "^0.9.0"
In my code it is the current version: " "@forge/cli": "^2.0.0"

Now obviously I can’t use the old version.
So my question is, what else do I need to change to make forge deployments in bitbucket pipelines work using the current forge/cli?