Picture Thumbnail Through Jira Rest Cloud API

I have not been able to find a solution for embedding an already attached image as a thumbnail through the Jira Cloud Rest API.

When I do a GET of the end state of a similar issue I get, the following content with the description field of the issue

                    "type": "mediaSingle",
                    "attrs": {
                        "layout": "center"
                    "content": [
                            "type": "media",
                            "attrs": {
                                "id": "df51bfa5-6a56-4846-8ee4-c5e08313d741",
                                "type": "file",
                                "collection": "jira-39581-field-description",
                                "width": 200,
                                "height": 183

The issue is I am am not sure how to create or update an issue with this content in my description. For an input I would only have the attached image for example: “example.png” which is attached. Some of the fields in the GET id and collection are render magically somewhere.

Any one have success including a thumbnail via the REST API. To clarify, the thumbnail to include in the issue description is successfully attached to the issue.

I found a solution in cross posted: